Dispatches From Davos: What Does Greece Get From WEF?

I am traveling in Europe this week before heading to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. Over the next few weeks, I will interview and speak with many global influencers leading and shaping the future who will be at the Forum and write about our conversations here.

I am in Greece this week to chat with Irene Vantaraki, Founder and Chair of Greek House Davos and Managing Director of AVADAR TRANSATLANTIC, a government affairs consultancy and business advisory firm with offices in Athens and New York.

To start, Greek House Davos is an independent, non-partisan, and non-profit initiative that aims to enhance Greece’s presence at the World Economic Forum by promoting informed debate about Greece’s role in the world and Greece’s advantages as an investment destination.

I posed several questions to Irene about why she pushed hard to create this presence for Greece at the World Economic Forum.

Why was getting Greece a more viable and prominent role at the World Economic Forum (WEF) something essential for you to do? What are the benefits for Greece being present at the World Economic Forum?

There are several reasons Greece should have a presence at the World Economic Forum (WEF). I felt this was a critical mission as I have seen firsthand how companies and leaders can benefit from participating in such events. First and foremost, the WEF is an important platform for global economic cooperation and dialogue. By participating in the WEF, Greek leaders in business and politics will have the opportunity to engage with other countries and stakeholders on a wide range of economic issues, including trade, investment, and economic development. This could help Greece build stronger relationships with other countries and to promote its economic interests on the global stage.


Additionally, participation in the WEF would give Greece access to a wealth of knowledge and expertise and the opportunity to learn from the experiences of other countries. This could help Greek leaders better understand the global economic environment and develop strategies for addressing the challenges and opportunities it faces. Overall, participation in the WEF would give Greece a valuable opportunity to engage with the global economic community and advance its economic interests.

What are the benefits to businesses in Greece?

First, the WEF provides a platform for businesses to engage with various stakeholders, including other companies, governments, and international organizations. This can help enterprises build relationships, establish partnerships, and explore new opportunities for growth and development. Second, the WEF is a source of knowledge and expertise, with a range of sessions and workshops focused on critical issues facing the global business community. This will help businesses in Greece to stay up to date with the latest trends and best practices and to gain insights into new markets and technologies. Finally, participation in the WEF can help businesses in Greece raise their profile and visibility on the global stage, potentially attracting new customers and investors. Overall, the WEF is an important event for companies in Greece, providing valuable opportunities for engagement, learning, and growth.

What do you hope comes out of Forum this year?

Greek House Davos is a platform for ideas and multi-stakeholder dialogue, bringing together decision-makers, business leaders, and influential foundations & organizations within and beyond Europe to promote Greece’s brand and attract more long-standing investments. I believe our presence and the program we have put together highlight these goals and will help our companies make connections and partnerships to help the country and our people. I also hope that others worldwide see what a great place Greece is and what a great place to do business.

Tell us about the program you have created this year.

This year we are grateful that the Prime Minister of Greece and other Heads of State will visit us during the annual meeting. But the agenda and discussions that will take place are the most critical. All our panels and talks are built on three pillars: innovation, energy, and tourism. We will have vital discussions on green energy, sustainable tourism, security, new tech, digital transformation, global banking, global recession, green shipping, health care, food security, and more.

My takeaway from this conversation is that Irene is passionate about helping Greece businesses gain more access to the global business community. Davos is a place to make relationships and make deals. Looking at the lineup of speakers and conversations, Irene and the team at Greek House Davos have created a valuable platform that will benefit Greek businesses.

Stay tuned for more dispatches from Davos.

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